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Building Support Challenge

Friendship is the greatest gift! Set aside time to reconnect and strengthen your relationships—do something nice and unexpected for a loved one, reconnect with an old friend, try a support group, or consider volunteering. Thoughtful attention is one of the best gifts we can give to someone, including ourselves.

Challenge Thought Starters

Get some ideas and get started!

Conversation Starters

Try these conversation starters to help build and strengthen connections with others.

bp Magazine

bp magazine

The Power of Two
Your spouse, friend or partner can become a pillar of strength when you work together as a team.


esperanza magazine

A Fresh Start: Forgive & Forget
Columnist Michael Rafferty discusses the many benefits of forgiveness.

Challenge Cartoon

Monthly +6 Cartoons by Chato B. Stewart
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Making Amends and Asking Forgiveness Podcast

When your behavior harms those you love, how do you go about mending bridges? DBSA's Karen Kraft speaks with freelance writer Michelle Roberts and Skip Treaster about bp Magazine's Winter 2009 cover story, "Making Amends, Asking Forgiveness." Karen, Michelle, and Skip explore the difficult and yet healing, transformative process that individuals go through to repair relationships wounded in the wake of a mental illness.